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HIMYM Season 1 Goof-Ups!-Part 1

I was recently going through season 1 episodes of the infamous sitcom(one of my favorites)-How I Met Your Mother and observing closely, I found out many goof-ups in the continuity between shots. Also, there were some character mistakes. And so, I am going to share the season 1 goof-ups with you all but in parts.
Goof-Ups for Season 1 Episodes 1 to 8:

Pilot (season 1, episode 1)
 Continuity: When Marshall and Barney are talking in the back of the cab, the red-edged black book on the dashboard moves back and forth between shots, though the cab is stationary.
 Continuity: When Marshall is pouring champagne, the amount poured is much less than that shown when they all raise their glasses.
 Continuity: When the group are at the bar, just as Ted asks Barney's opinion, Marshall's beer bottle goes from at his mouth to on the table in a second.
 Continuity: When Ted tells Robin that he loves her, Robin's hair jumps from behind to in front of her ear between shots.
 Continuity: When Robin steps out of her front door to give Ted directions, she wraps her cardigan around herself. In the next shot the cardigan is instantly open, and she wraps it around herself again
Purple Giraffe (season 1, episode 2)
 Continuity: After Ted's Saturday night party (second of the three), when Ted, Lily and Marshall are sitting on the couch, numerous things change or suddenly appear behind them. Clothing is instantly on the back of the yellow chair and black chair, a wood chair appears, furniture moves, etc.

Continuity: When Marshall runs after Ted to tell him to get French Onion Dip, his robe keeps changing from crossed over 
his chest to straight down.

Continuity: In the closing scene at the bar, the level of beer in Marshall's glass goes up and down without him drinking any. Also, the glass goes from in his hand to on the table in

 Continuity: In the opening scene at the bar, when Ted is debating whether or not to ask out Robin, Marshall's beer is in his hand when the camera is on him, but on the table when 

 Continuity: In the opening scene at the bar, the level of beer in Ted's glass goes up and down between shots.

Continuity: The morning after the second party, the items on the coffee table change instantly between shots. Several beer bottles and blue cups vanish, whilst a red cup and red bowl appear.

Continuity: At the third party when Lily sits Ted down to talk to him, Marshall stands behind Ted with a beer bottle in his hand. The position of Marshall's hands on Ted's back changes between shots.
Sweet Taste of Liberty (season 1, episode 3)

Character mistake: After learning that the guy who he thought was hitting on Lily is gay, Marshall says "I've never been in a fight". However, in Season 4, "The Fight", he states that he has been in plenty of fights with his brothers.
 Continuity: When Marshall is on the phone to Barney, the green highlighter jumps back and forth from on the desk to on top of the open book.
Return of the Shirt (season 1, episode 4)

 Continuity: When Steph is telling Ted that she used to star in adult films, we see her pick up the mini corn with her chopsticks from one angle, then the shot changes and she picks it up again.

 Continuity: In the final scene at the bar, Barney is seen eating the olive from his drink and discarding the stick. A second later, when the shot changes, the olive and stick are back in his glass.
 Continuity: When Robin is talking to her boss about his dog, the pens and pencils in the holder on his desk change depending on the camera angle.
 Continuity: After Natalie throws spaghetti at Ted, the amount and position of the spaghetti pieces changes instantly between shots.
 Continuity: When Barney is crouched down, leaning against Robin's chair, the money in his right hand vanishes between shots.
 Continuity: When the gang are discussing what Ted should say to break up with Natalie, the amount of beer in Marshall's glass goes up and down between shots.
Okay Awesome (season 1, episode 5)

 Continuity: In the opening scene at the bar, Ted's beer bottle moves from in his hand on his lap to on the table between shots.
 Continuity: When the bartender holds up the napkin with the price of the drinks on it, he is holding it straight. The shot cuts to the view from behind, and the napkin is now held at a clear angle.
 Continuity: When they first arrive at the club we see Barney, in close up, undo some of his top shirt buttons. A few seconds later, he is seen in the background with his shirt buttoned.
Slutty Pumpkin (season 1, episode 6)

 Character mistake: Robin says in this episode that she never played team sports and was always a loner. However in a later episode, (The Prom episode) she mentions she missed her prom due to field hockey nationals.
 Continuity: At dinner, Robin starts eating the ice cream sundae and knocks the cherry off the top. In the next scene, when she passes the sundae to Mike, the cherry is back neatly on top and the sundae looks untouched.
 Continuity: At the bar, when Robin is telling the gang about Mike, Marshall's beer moves from in his hand to on the table between shots. Also, the amount of beer in the glass changes frequently depending on the camera angle.
 Continuity: When Barney arrives at the apartment in his Top Gun outfit, we see him hang his sunglasses off his collar twice without removing them in between.
 Continuity: When Barney is at the apartment in his Top Gun costume, the position his helmet is in on the coffee table changes between shots. Sometimes the front of the helmet faces the camera, at other times it is sideways.
Matchmaker (season 1, episode 7)

 Continuity: When Marshall comes out of his room with the book about the Roswell Incident, he's holding the cover and first pages bent under the book, next shot he's just holding them normally, then they're bent again.
 Continuity: In the opening scene at the bar, when Ted and Barney are discussing the idea of going to visit a matchmaker, Ted's beer glass suddenly goes from being about a quarter full, to being nearly three-quarters full.
 Continuity: In the final scene at the matchmaker's office, the tub of Haagen Daaz on the desk turns around between shots. Sometimes the brand name is visible, but in other shots the logo is facing away from the camera.
 Continuity: When Ellen takes the clipboards, she first holds one in each hand, then the shot changes and both are in one hand.
 Continuity: At the matchmaker's office, when Barney is saying he just wants someone to hold, Ellen is seen putting her pencil down on the desk but in the next shot it is in her hand again.
The Duel (season 1, episode 8)

 Continuity: At the Sci-Fi themed restaurant, the straw in Robin's date's drink keeps changing position between shots. Sometimes it points straight up from the glass, other times it is angled towards her date leaning against the side of the glass.
 Continuity: When Ted, Lily and Marshall are discussing the coffee maker, Marshall changes between shots from having a mug of coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, to having both hands around the mug.
The Duel (season 1, episode 8)

 Continuity: When Lucy is sitting on the bed in hospital, the straps on her vest keep changing position on her shoulder without her adjusting them.
 Continuity: When Barney, Robin and Ted are at the bar, the blue stirrer in Robin's drink keeps changing position between shots without being touched.

The next part from episodes 9 to 16 will be coming soon. If you have any other knowledge about HIMYM goof-ups, you can mail me at or post it in form of a comment. This you should do as sharing is sexy!!


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