Friday, June 24, 2011

Midnight Sun-By Stephenie Meyer

This is for all those star-struck girls still drooling over Edward Cullen. You have your wish fullfilled in the form of Midnight Sun i.e. Twilight with Edward's perspective. Excited?? Don't be as this is only a partial draft...I say partial because Stephenie Meyer couldn't finish this book before it was leaked and so it didn't even went through the editing stages. It is unclear whether she'll continue this book in the future. It's been put on an indefinite hold; but even if she does decide to continue, it'll be only for Twilight. She won't be writing New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn from Edward's point of view
Still, Edward fans will surely have fun reading this one.

You can download it here:
Midnight Sun PDF Download-eBook
(Right click and save target as)


rennysyamhendra said...

quite interesting book, i think i will buy this one.....

Aditya Agarwal said...

Unfortunately, this book ain't going to be published. You can simply download the e-book though. I have provided the link in the post itself.
Happy Reading :)

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