Friday, October 22, 2010

Electro-Ween!-The Trical Dg'10

                                   Electro-Ween : Electrical Departmental Gathering 2010.
                                                     Created by Me(Aditya Agarwal)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

List of Events @ Consortium'11

  • E-Summit : Panel Discussion and Networking among various dignified personalities from all walks of life and students.
  • B-Plan : Business Plan Event.
  • Sosyal Manoos : Social Entrepreneurship event. Plan for social development.
  • 24 : Crisis Management Event.
  • Bizmantra : Marketing Event.
  • Sansad : Mock-Parliament targeting political management.
  • Max-Pro : Maximum Profit and Cost Optimization.
  • Radio-FM : Auction and Bidding Event.
  • Kaizen : Inventory and Lean Management Event.
  • Corp-Wars : A run to be at the top of the Company.
  • HR Management
  • Entrepreneur : A short game targeting all entrepreneurial skills.
  • Carnama : A short game targeting planning and gambling skills.
  • EPL : Football Team Manager.
  • Advertising : Outdoor Media and Publicity Management.
  • Informals : Stress-Busters.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Constitution in VNIT!


The procedure of selection of the core team will be as follows:
Stage 1:
Any student who has worked for previous year’s AXIS can apply for the position of Axis  Core. The interested candidates will have to fill a form which will be scrutinized by the previous Axis Core members along with the Event Managers and suitable candidates would be shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates would then be eligible for Stage 2.
In the event of any student being dissatisfied with the results of stage 1, he can appeal again and his plea would be reconsidered by the Technical Secretary and the General Secretary.
Stage 2:
All the candidates selected for Stage 2 will have to go through a personal interview.
The panel will consist of:
  1. Dean Student Counselling
  2. Prof-in-Charge (2)**
  3. Ex-Prof-in-Charge
  4. Technical Secretary, Student Council
  5. General Secretary, Student Council
  6. Previous Axis Core (7)**

**The numbers in bracket indicate the number of people belonging to that category
The panel would judge the students based on various parameters some of which are listed below
  • Leadership Skills
  • Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Managerial Skills
  • Time and Crisis Management Skills
  • Multi-tasking Ability
  • Resource Allocation
  • Man-Management
The panel would be selecting the core comprising of seven members.
The panel will ensure that there is no criteria or reservation on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sex, ethnicity, and place of belonging, native state and or anything as such which would contradict the very governing principles laid down by the constitution of India which clearly empowers all its citizens liberty, equality and fraternity.
Once enforced, this system will be transparent and hopes to bring out the deserving candidates for the Axis Core Team.

Technical Secretary,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to the 3rd post on photoshopping...

Since I got my Macbook Pro, I haven't got a chance to buy Adobe Photoshop. So, I the image I am posting was created almost a fortnight ago with Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Here you can see the changes that I have made.
1. The back wheels are rotating (Radial Blur was used)
2. There is white smoke rising from the back wheels(Used some smoke brushes)
3. The most easily visible blue coloured smoke and antique page effect!

Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

HIMYM Season 6 Episode 1 : Big Days

I've started on season 6 of HIMYM (greatest sitcom ever). A short synopsis of Episode 1 is as follows:

Ted reunites with Cindy (Rachel Bilson), a girl he had a bad date with and who is also the roomie of the future Mrs. Ted Mosby. Lily has a problem with Marshall telling everyone their decision to have a baby. Robin deals with her and Don's break-up, while Barney deals with the end of "the season of exposed skin".
This was a pretty good start to the season. I feel like we are getting closer to finding out who the mother is, which I am really excited about. I know once the mom is revealed, there won't be much more to go, but I feel like it's about time Ted finds the "One". Barney had a great episode, but then again Neil Patrick Harris always makes me laugh. I am glad Robin and Don broke up, I like her better without him(and his undies of course). Marshall was also pretty funny this episode, but I hope he and Lily don't argue about whether or not to have a baby any longer. I miss them being funny, rather than arguing. The ending with Cindy was pretty funny (She kissed a girl Ted wanted to hit on) and we learn that Ted meets his future wife when he is best man at a wedding. Overall, I am pretty excited about this season, it looks promising.

Funniest Quote of the episode:

Marshall : Lily, we have been looking forward to this magical, special night for two weeks now ans, sweetie, during that time I have been, umm, how do I put this delicately...saving all my love for you.

Lily : I have read eleven books on conception, I have cut out alcohol, caffeine and sugar, I take my temperature every hour but, good for you for not playing with yourself ! :D