Sunday, October 3, 2010

HIMYM Season 6 Episode 1 : Big Days

I've started on season 6 of HIMYM (greatest sitcom ever). A short synopsis of Episode 1 is as follows:

Ted reunites with Cindy (Rachel Bilson), a girl he had a bad date with and who is also the roomie of the future Mrs. Ted Mosby. Lily has a problem with Marshall telling everyone their decision to have a baby. Robin deals with her and Don's break-up, while Barney deals with the end of "the season of exposed skin".
This was a pretty good start to the season. I feel like we are getting closer to finding out who the mother is, which I am really excited about. I know once the mom is revealed, there won't be much more to go, but I feel like it's about time Ted finds the "One". Barney had a great episode, but then again Neil Patrick Harris always makes me laugh. I am glad Robin and Don broke up, I like her better without him(and his undies of course). Marshall was also pretty funny this episode, but I hope he and Lily don't argue about whether or not to have a baby any longer. I miss them being funny, rather than arguing. The ending with Cindy was pretty funny (She kissed a girl Ted wanted to hit on) and we learn that Ted meets his future wife when he is best man at a wedding. Overall, I am pretty excited about this season, it looks promising.

Funniest Quote of the episode:

Marshall : Lily, we have been looking forward to this magical, special night for two weeks now ans, sweetie, during that time I have been, umm, how do I put this delicately...saving all my love for you.

Lily : I have read eleven books on conception, I have cut out alcohol, caffeine and sugar, I take my temperature every hour but, good for you for not playing with yourself ! :D


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